Where are you?

We are across from Betty's, two floors above Daniel Footwear. Go under the archway, through the door and follow the signs upstairs.

Is there somewhere for me to change?

Yep. There is a bathroom in the studio.

Do men do yoga?

YES! Probably not as much as they should though.

Should I bring anything?

The studio has mats that are free to use. We also have blocks, straps and blankets that are highly recommended and used often so probably best to grab some blocks before you get settled on your mat. Some students also like to bring water along.

What if I am not flexible? 

That's what the yoga is for! 

What should I wear?

For most classes, you should wear what you would wear to the gym. Comfortable clothing that lets you move around without feeling exposed. *Out of respect for others with allergies and sensitivities, please do not wear perfume or any strong scents to class.*

What if I have injuries?

Be sure to tell the teacher so they can modify for you. Some classes may not be appropriate depending on your injury so please get in touch before class if you are unsure.

I am pregnant. Can I practice yoga?

Of course you can! Please get in touch before registering though so that we can find you the right class.

I'm nervous. Is there anything else I need to know before coming to my first class?

Just know that you are welcome and we can't wait to see you in class!