Practicing Yoga At Home


It took me years to grasp a home practice. I always thought it only counted if I did something that resembled what was taught in the classes I was attending. I had to center. I had to remember the order and breath in sun salutations. Everything would have to flow. Both sides would need to be equal. I never got on my mat outside of class because I couldn’t handle all of the thinking. It wasn’t until I finally trusted that I didn’t have to do anything. That I could rock up onto my mat and do a child’s pose, then down dog, then hop around a bit, spend lots of time in a forward fold, maybe a split? I could meditate. Do a headstand...Malasana... I could just lay there, arms wide, breathing. I could do all of these things or just one. I could do 5 half sun salutations and walk away. I could do ANYTHING. Don’t assume you know what a home practice entails. Because you won’t know until you’re there, on your mat/in your space and you start breathing consciously. Then...Then you’ll know.