Sun Salutation A/Surya Namaskar A

A video of Surya Namaskar A for you to practice along with at home.  Modifications included for beginners and those with tight hamstrings. I hope it helps you to get on your mat.  If you would like to see more short videos or tutorials, send me a message and let me know what you'd like to see.  Full credit and lots of gratitude to Joanne, a wonderful and kind (and super talented) yogi I am lucky to know. xoxo

Anytime Yoga Flow

Hey Guys,

Here's a 20 minute Anytime Flow to get you feeling grounded, stretched out and ready for whatever is coming your way. Let me know know what you think and if you love it, please feel free to share it <3

*I make and recommend audio files for those yogis who are familiar with asana names and basic alignment.  If you're new to yoga, please check out my 4 week beginner series to get you started on your journey.*

Morning Yoga Sequence

If your body is anything like mine, it takes time to warm up, especially in the morning! I created this less than 20 minute sequence to energise and warm the body slowly to prepare for the day ahead.  Try it and let me know what you think!

Yoga For Tight Hips

This sequence is for those of us with tight hips.  It's a great sequence for after a run, a cycle, a HIIT session or whoever you can fit it in.  Take at least 5-10 breaths in each pose and repeat on the other side.  Let me know what you think!