Yoga changes my life daily. I become stronger, more flexible, more open, more grateful and more conscious every day. I teach yoga to share my love of this life changing practice with the aim of helping you find your own way to peace, to purpose, to strength and to nourishment.

I began practicing yoga almost 9 years ago just after my first son was born. What started as purely physical (I wanted to tone) emerged into a life changing journey of self discovery.

My classes are designed to move your body and to nourish your soul. They are lighthearted and predictably unpredictable. Please view the different types of classes I offer here and come join me on the mat soon!



Binny is a passionate teacher who loves to bring a bit of fun, compassion and yoga philosophy to her classes inspiring students to take their practice beyond the mat.

Binny teaches in and around Leeds, working with people from all walks of life, making her classes accessible to all levels. We are so excited to have her!



Ellie teaches from her heart. She’s lighthearted, playful and aims to make yoga accessible for all. Her classes are designed to challenge while encouraging students to respect themselves and leave their ego at home.

While new to teaching, Ellie has been practicing for over 8 years, deepening and exploring her personal practice ever since. Through her practice she has learned strength, resilience, peace and acceptance and she hopes to bring these lessons into her teaching.




Anna has been in love with the practice ever since her first class in India at the age of 22. She enjoys exploring the sense of inner calm that yoga gives her, living mindfully in the moment is what brings her back to her mat every day. Anna’s classes focus on alignment and mindful awareness to build strength and flexibility. She hopes to empower students to use yoga as a tool to build confidence and a strong sense of well-being. 

Anna is currently studying an in-depth 2-year yoga teacher diploma course with the British Wheel of Yoga in London, training with renowned teachers Anna Ashby and Tony Watson.