Tuesdays 19:15-20:15

Yoga specifically designed for men. Each class will include breathing techniques to help deal with stress, physical postures designed for flexibility and strength and time to relax. Beginners welcome.

Here’s why you can and should start a regular yoga practice (and give up the idea that yoga is just for women):

It’s a lifestyle reboot. You don’t incorporate yoga into your life without experiencing change.
It seeps in to your emotional and physical well being.

Your body starts to move in new ways leading to greater range of motion. You learn how to connect to your breath, developing greater body awareness to help prevent injury...and that sense of connection and awareness will probably help you sleep easier when you’re feeling stressed.

If you’re currently not very active, a regular asana practice will introduce movement into your lifestyle.

If you’re already active, yoga will provide balance to your current regime lengthening muscles that suffer from repetitive motion and strain.

Incorporating movement, breath and body awareness into your lifestyle is not just for women.